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Changing Rose

Changing Rose

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Tamil நிறம் மாறும் ரோஜா 
English Color Changing Rose
Hindi रंग बदलता गुलाब 
Malayalam നിറം മാറുന്ന റോസ് 
Telugu రంగు మారుతున్నా గులాబీ 
Scientific name Hibiscus mutabilis

Changing Color Rose refers to the colour of the flowers from White. when they first open to light ping and then dark pink/red shades.

  • Changing Rose requires 6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day.
  • Loamy/Clay soil with organic fertilizer like cow dung/goat manure.
  • It requires Moderate Water.
  • It requires a stem-cutting propagation method.
  • it requires a moist or occasionally wet soil drainage
  • 6-feet-12 feet space needed for planting


Its leaf is Bright green, elliptical to ovate, lobed with palmate veins and sawtooth dentate margins.


Large mostly solitary flowers with 5 petals and a large showy reproductive structure in the center open white and change color to deep pink. The large, saucer-shaped flowers are an attractant for Butterflies, Hummingbirds, specialized bees and pollinators.

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