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Redsoil Pure Bag Pack of 10

Redsoil Pure Bag Pack of 10

per piece


Product details

It contains 

Red Soil 25kg (approx) per bag
Quantity 10 bags



MyOwnGarden Organic Red Soil for Plants and Gardening It is more sandier in nature and less clayey. It holds very rich content of iron plus small humus content. Constant application of manures is very vital, in order to get a higher yield in this type of soil. Complete enriched plant food. It contains vital nutrients for all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and house plants. Jana farm Red soil is a type of soil that develops in a warm, temperate, moist climate under deciduous or mixed forest, having thin organic and organic-mineral layers overlying a yellowish-brown leached layer resting on an illuvium red layer.


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