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White Creeper Rose

White Creeper Rose

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Climbing Rose White (Creeper White Rose) is a flowering shrub plant species of genus Rosa in the family Rosaceae, roses are one of the most cultivated flowering plants which are mostly native to Asia. Rose flowers are extremely fragrant on their own unless the species is developed for large and multi-shade blooms for commercial cultivation. White Rose Plant Creeper is a coloured flowering shrub. 

  • Needs warm sunlight
  • Plants like moderate watering.
  •  Water generously when the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • The best temperature for a rose creeper is -40 degrees to more than 100 degrees F.
  • Use a balanced NPK fertilizer.
  • For planting roses, the soil must be well-drained with optimum light from the sun.
  • Re-pot the plant every couple of years in a slightly bigger container.

Note: Cut the dead and broken branches to allow climbers to grow. Your unpruned plant needs your care and love.

With every purchase of plant, we provide plant care instruction which includes information about light, feed and watering. It makes it easy to have a long-life natural air purifier plant performing a tireless job day and night.


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